Marnie Oakley, D.M.D.

Dr. Oakley is a Senior Consultant for AAL and works extensively in the areas of clinical teaching and preceptorship, leadership development, communication, conflict resolution, and change management in complex organizations to promote continuous growth. A proud graduate of the ADEA Leadership Institute who subsequently served the program in an advisory role, Dr. Oakley is known for her passion for leadership training and continuous self-reflection. In addition to her role at AAL, Dr. Oakley serves as the Dean at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. She served an active duty 4-year tour as Dental Officer in the United States Navy. In her experience as a clinical teacher for nearly three decades, she has been responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive care clinical curriculum that is focused on student learning, assessment, and patient care outcomes. Dr. Oakley regularly works hand-in-hand with university organization development human resource teams to strategically develop and realize reorganization plans that promote workflow efficiencies in the clinical environment. Her past experience serving as a department chair, and later as the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, allowed her to value the skill of recognizing human talent. She has worked to recruit valued team members and promote their strengths to foster efficiency and success in support of a strategic vision and plan. She continuously inspires a robust customer service approach to empower employees to serve their customers across all fronts in dental education. Dr. Oakley is a proud alumna of the Berkeley Institute of Executive Coaching and uses her certification and experience to help executives discover and reveal the best versions of themselves.