Program Overview

The 9 Virtues Leadership Institute is a character-based approach to guidance and management. Based on the book The 9 Virtues of Exceptional Leaders by N. Karl Haden, Ph.D. and Rob Jenkins, this course focuses on fostering well-being and success while leading both individuals and organizations.

This comprehensive program helps participants foster and utilize positive leadership attributes such as hope, justice, humility, and balance, and to naturally integrate these moral traits into everyday leadership routines. This leadership development series offers different course options, ranging from one to three day courses. Those who complete the three-day program will receive an AAL 9 Virtues Leadership Certificate.

Learn more about the 9 Virtues model of leadership.

Coursework includes:

  • The principles of virtues-based leadership
  • The relationship between ethics, values, and habits
  • The importance of lifelong learning
  • The role of leaders in promoting a virtues-based organizational culture

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