Marsha Butler, DDS

Dr. Marsha Butler creates a positive coaching experience by aligning evidenced-based coaching skills with her executive business experience to help senior leaders and business executives achieve their personal ambitions, their leadership or business goals and desired business results. She is a transformative, executive leader/coach with global business experience supporting leaders across various sectors including consumer goods, health and wellness, academia, technology, and non-profit organizations.

Marsha partners with leaders who are focused on their personal and professional growth, on driving innovation, promoting team and organizational effectiveness, navigating to foster a change mindset, and most importantly creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture within their organizations.

Marsha has over 30 years of professional experience working as Vice-President in Global Oral Care at Colgate-Palmolive. She has worked globally to achieve business success with a deep understanding of diverse populations and global business needs. Team effectiveness, relationship-building with relevant stakeholders and collaborative leadership are key pillars of her success.

As an executive coach, Marsha utilizes a highly researched 3 CP coaching experience from Columbia University informed by a strategic set of core competencies and learning that will help address opportunities and barriers to success that the client defines. Marsha supports a comprehensive range of executive coaching services including Leadership Development, Performance Enhancement, Career Planning, Transitional Leadership, DE&I, Change Management and Team Effectiveness.

Marsha specializes in coaching leaders to embrace who they are, how they continue to succeed, and how they find a sense of fulfillment and balance as they pursue what is meaningful and purposeful for them as they grow, build and/or transition in their careers. She strives to empower leaders to be their most authentic selves while discovering the potential impact of their work, the rewards of better health, work life balance and joy in their daily living.

Marsha is known for her soft-spoken, authentic, engaging, and direct approach to coaching that provides a trusting environment for her clients to reflect, experiment, transition and discover opportunities for ongoing learning, growth, and change.