International Online Learning Collaboration

Online faculty development provided by AAL in collaboration with the Saudi Dental Education Society. 


Multidisciplinary Approach to Developing Rubrics

Each participant at the completion of the session should be able to:

  • Develop explicit learning outcomes statements that focus on students’ intellectual growth and skill development within the common core competencies.
  • Discuss how an interprofessional collaborator assessment rubric (ICAR) can assist in formative and summative assessments of learners’ core competencies across multiple disciplines.
  • Develop rubrics to assess learning outcomes that are meaningful to faculty within multiple disciplines.

This is a prerecorded, synchronous session.

Learning Theories and Teaching Strategies in the Age of Technology

Each participant at the completion of the session should be able to:

  • Define learning and describe the current higher education landscape.
  • Explore theories of learning and how to incorporate appropriate technologies for enhancing teaching and the learning environment.
  • Critique a variety of technologies and discuss advantages and disadvantages.

This is a prerecorded, synchronous session.

Critical Appraisal Skills for Critical Thinking

Each participant at the completion of the session should be able to:

  • Recognize how critical appraisal skills facilitate active learning and promote outcome-directed thinking.
  • Distinguish between the process of thinking versus the content of thinking.
  • Explain the role that mindset plays in the impact on student motivation, effort, and approach to critical thinking. 
  • Explore strategies that integrate critical thinking into the foundations of instruction in both didactic and clinical courses. 

This is a prerecorded, synchronous session.

Assessing Student Learning Outcomes: Clinical Competence

Each participant at the completion of the session should be able to:

  • Explain the relationship between competencies and student learning outcomes (SLO).
  • Examine the Road to Competence continuum.
  • Deconstruct the Competency-based Assessment Model
  • Discuss strategies for developing authentic assessments to help move students toward competence.

This is a prerecorded, synchronous session.

AAL Partnered Programs

Foundations in Conducting and Designing Clinical Research

These Research Fundamentals are designed to be taken sequentially and the information in later courses builds on information presented in previous courses. Created by AAL in partnership with Colgate-Palmolive, these on-demand webinars include:

  1. Clinical Research: An Overview
  2. Beginning A Clinical Research Study
  3. Data Collection, Management and Basic Statistical Concepts
  4. Ethical Research Practices
  5. Scientific Writing
  6. Publishing Scientific Articles and Obtaining Research Funding

The Fundamentals of Clinical Education (FCE)

Equip your new dental educators with the right tools to succeed with the Fundamentals of Clinical Education program (FCE), designed and facilitated by the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and AAL.

For a limited time, we are offering free access to module one of the FCE.

The five-module FCE is designed to provide faculty calibration and orientation for new, part-time, and adjunct clinicians transitioning to academic careers. Module 1: Critical Presence of Clinical Faculty addresses the unique traits of part-time faculty as they contribute to the mission of academic dentistry, describing their diverse demographics, their vast array of professional experience, their various roles in teaching, and the influence they have on the success of the dental school as an institution of higher learning. Sign up below to access the complimentary course module!

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