Leadership Development Designed for the Academic Health Professions


The Chairs and Academic Administrators Management Program (CAAMP) is a 3-day in-person event to provide a practical, hands-on, interactive leadership development experience for department chairs, program directors, and administrators, including assistant and associate deans, in the academic health professions. Develop the core competencies for effectively managing your department or program.

July 29-31, 2024   Atlanta, GA


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Chairs and Academic Administrators Management Program

One of the most difficult jobs in academia is taking on the mantle of administration.

As a program director, chair, or an academic administrator such as an assistant or associate dean, you assume many hats—the ‘big picture’ leader, the guide and mentor for faculty members, the liaison between your department and stakeholders, the first-line of defense, the gatekeeper, and the role model—making it feel extremely challenging to find balance.

  • How do you handle crisis management on top of your dozens of other responsibilities?
  • How do you balance your own overload, so you can effectively mentor faculty through their challenges and sensitive situations?
  • How do you align your natural leadership strengths with institutional goals and stakeholder expectations?
  • How do you improve your academic culture to promote innovation, collaboration and productivity in a way that makes your faculty feel valued?

With all that’s on your plate, where can you turn to reset, recharge, and regroup? You don’t need to attend another generic, large-scale conference with participants outside the academic health professions or a simplified chairs webinar. You need practical and effective strategies, interactive learning, and engagement with leaders who have successfully powered through the obstacles you are currently facing.

The Chairs and Academic Administrators Management Program (CAAMP) addresses the unique challenges of academic health professions leaders. This 3-day in-person event provides practical, hands-on, interactive learning to develop the core competencies required for effectively managing your department or program.


Cost, Dates, Location

July 29-31, 2024




Early-Bird Pricing until February 1, 2024: $1,675

Regular Tuition after February 1, 2024: $1,975

Registration closes: July 23, 2024

Scholarship Options

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CE Credits

Academy for Advancing Leadership (AAL) partners with CE providers to help professionals in academia and those transitioning to academic careers achieve their goals as leaders, educators, and agents of change for their organizations. AAL is working with a number of associations in different professions to secure CE credits. Please contact us to request CEs for your profession or for additional details.

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2024 CAAMP Agenda Outline

Hotel reservation – AAL does not arrange hotel accommodations. There are a variety of accommodation options in the midtown Atlanta area. Select the appropriate location best for you. Note: AMA has negotiated preferred rates at select hotels based upon availability. You may contact the hotels directly and mention that you are an AMA conference attendee to secure your reservation and preferred rates. We recommend making reservations early, as the number of rooms at preferred rates are limited.

Contact Info

Felicia Tucker-Lively, Ph.D.
Vice President


Dr. Perry Rettig Discusses Battles in the Trenches

Dr. Perry Rettig, a distinguished professor of education at Piedmont University and senior fellow at AAL discusses his book Battle in the Trenches: How Leaders in Academia Can Learn from Elite Athletes and Coaches. He’ll also talk about leading a pair of sessions at the 2023 Chairs and Academic Administrators Management Program this July in Atlanta. 
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Dr. Lisa Eichelberger talks about the challenges of leading in the post-pandemic era

Dr. Lisa Eichelberger, Dean Emerita at the College of Health Clayton State University talks about her sessions at this July’s CAAMP program in Atlanta, including strategies for finding and keeping the right talent for your program, having difficult conversations, and leading in the post-pandemic era.
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Dr. Pamela Zarkowski talks about her sessions at CAAMP focused on legal considerations for academic leaders

Dr. Pamela Zarkowski, MPH, JD, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the University of Detroit Mercy discusses her sessions at the 2023 CAAMP program. Topics include legal considerations for academic leaders and how to manage the transition to faculty leadership.
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CAAMP immediately engages its participants with group discussions, case studies, role playing, and interactive presentations. By focusing on creating a clear bridge between theory and practice, the program provides you with new tools and leaves you looking at your role through a widened administrative lens.

This program is for you if you:

  • Are questioning the growth potential of your program or department
  • Have been asked to handle crisis management on top of all your other responsibilities
  • Are interested in learning how to effectively manage your department budget and finances
  • Find it difficult to coach staff/colleagues through sensitive issues and tough conversations
  • Do not know how to manage faculty overload
  • Want to create a safe and healthy culture that supports innovation
  • Need strategies for aligning your natural leadership strengths with institutional goals
  • Find it difficult to address the lack of urgency amongst your team with needed institutional change

During the program, you will learn:

Professional Assessment of Leadership Competencies

Financial efficacy

Crisis management & critical decision-making

Communication Skills & Interprofessional Engagement

Critical feedback and managing civility

Strategic Planning and Execution

Collaborative change and impact

Academic legal issues

What Our Alumni Say

  • It was comforting to know that our issues and challenges are similar and not unique to my school or profession. I was particularly encouraged to learn techniques on academic leadership from my peers in the health profession."

    Dr. Karla Georges, The University of the West Indies School of Veterinary Medicine

  • I am a believer in lifelong learning and regularly take steps to improve my understanding of leadership.  CAAMP provided an intensive three-day workshop with an incredibly diverse group of participants from many professions and disciplines.  This approach was timely and relevant from the lens of inter-professional education and practice.  This experience has given me a much clearer picture of the challenges these professions are faced with and thereby gave me a better understanding of how that impacts our practice."

    Dr. Holly Diesel, Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College

Program Faculty

Below are our 2023 experts. The site will be updated soon with our 2024 faculty.

Karl Haden, PhD

Karl Haden, PhD

AAL President & CEO

Felicia Tucker-Lively, PhD, MPH

Felicia Tucker-Lively, PhD, MPH

AAL Vice President

Lisa Eichelberger, PhD, RN

Lisa Eichelberger, PhD, RN

Dean Emerita, College of Health Clayton State University

Seena L. Haines,  PharmD

Seena L. Haines, PharmD

Director for Professional Well-Being and Belonging, University of Mississippi, School of Pharmacy

Perry Rettig, PhD

Perry Rettig, PhD

Distinguished University Professor Piedmont College

Michelle A. Robinson DMD, MA

Michelle A. Robinson DMD, MA

Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Pamela Zarkowski, MPH, JD

Pamela Zarkowski, MPH, JD

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the University of Detroit Mercy