Can Your Workforce Meet the Healthcare Demands of the Future?

Our targeted workforce studies empower your profession to meet the needs of patients, customers and key stakeholders.

With the rapid pace of change in healthcare, it has become increasingly more important as well as challenging to assess current and future health workforce needs.

A comprehensive workforce analysis provides information regarding the current workforce across a specified occupation, including demographic and background characteristics of the current workforce, retirement trends, turnover, and various workforce management issues (i.e., recruitment and retention).

Our Process

AAL works closely with stakeholders by facilitating a comprehensive workforce study that will create an accurate description of the full diversity of the workforce in all practice settings and the overall projected supply. Our team is committed to helping your organization achieve its overall purpose, improve research capacity to monitor and interpret patterns and relationships, and discover the most cost-effective ways to improve existing knowledge about the discipline.

Ensuring a Strong Rheumatology Workforce for the Future

The American College of Rheumatology sought to expand the current understanding of the rheumatology workforce utilizing an integrated, patient-centered approach to workforce modeling. AAL facilitated and created the final workforce study report to help the ACR implement innovative strategies.