Rob Jenkins, M.A.

Prof. Jenkins is Senior Fellow for AAL and works extensively in the areas of leadership development and professional development for faculty.

In addition to his role at AAL, Prof. Jenkins has spent 31 years in higher education as a faculty member and administrator. A regular contributor to The Chronicle of Higher Education and other publications, Rob has written extensively on teaching and learning, critical thinking, classroom management, leadership, college completion, governance, the higher education job market, and related topics. Rob is the author of four books, including titles such as Building a Career in America’s Community Colleges (Rowman & Littlefield, 2000), The 9 Virtues of Exceptional Leaders: Unlocking Your Leadership Potential (Deeds, 2015), and Welcome to My Classroom (Kendall Hunt, 2016). His fifth book, Think Better, Write Better, is slated for publication in summer 2019.

Prof. Jenkins is an experienced workshop presenter and keynote speaker, with certifications from the Chair Academy and The Center for Teacher Effectiveness. He currently serves as Associate Professor of English at Perimeter College of Georgia State University. Rob and his wife Bonnie have four grown children and two grandchildren.