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Our Consulting Services

AAL’s size and structure ensures each client works directly with a dedicated senior staff member on their projects. This guarantees AAL’s commitment to the quality, expertise, and outcomes customized for every client, regardless of the engagement. AAL offers an in-depth analysis of the current state of your organization and works collaboratively to achieve your desired outcomes. AAL Consulting services cover seven unique arenas:

Accreditation and Curriculum Development

Designing novel solutions to support the changes to accreditation and curricular standards.

Customized Professional Development

Facilitating professional development courses for leadership, management, education, and clinical advancement.

Executive Coaching

Providing support to individuals and teams to enhance their current roles, prepare them for transitions, and progress their careers.

Organizational Assessments

Auditing organizations to assist clients in maximizing their efficacy as related to their vision, mission, and goals.

Program Development

Conducting studies regarding feasibility, financial, and programmatic data to assist institutions in program development and expansion.

Strategic Planning

Guiding the creation of actionable strategic plans to help clients envision the future, make decisions, and use resources wisely.
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Workforce Studies

Analyzing trends and data to help clients adapt to predicted changes impacting their fields.
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In addition to our AAL team members, the Academy for Advancing Leadership engages other consultants and experts from time to time based on the specific project or program. Through our international network of consultants, AAL brings unparalleled knowledge and experience to address the unique needs of our clients.