Career Development Module


Thriving in higher education is all about pursuing your goals and ambitions within the realities of the institution--structural, social, and political--and knowing when to make adjustments and larger changes. Developing a career involves recognizing the emphasis placed on three critical activities: service, teaching, and research. Receive an in-class critique of your CV and build your academic portfolio.


In the Compass Program Career Development Module, you will engage in individual, small-group and class-wide exercises and discussions related to:

  • Understanding the culture of higher education
  • Decision making, power structures, and political influence
  • Institutional values and how they influence rewards
  • Work-life balance and coping with academic pressures
  • Function, structure, and content of an academic portfolio
  • Ways to improve your CV content and style
  • Expectations in performance evaluations
  • Negotiating and working with chairs and administrators
  • Overcoming conflicts and competition with peers



Dates and Location:

The Career Development Module will be held on September 26-27, 2013. The class times are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day.


This module will be presented at AAL’s training facility in Atlanta, GA, only 30 minutes from the airport, and are presented within walking distance of hotels, restaurants, public transportation, and attractions. Directions and hotel recommendations will be provided after registration.




The tuition of $595 includes class materials and lunch during the two-day program. Individuals can enroll in any or all of the modules, in any order, and at any time. Anyone who enrolls in more than one module is eligible to receive tuition discounts on subsequent programs:

  • If you enroll in two Compass modules, the tuition will be reduced to $575 for each.
  • If you enroll in three Compass modules, the tuition will be reduced to $550 for each.
  • If you enroll in all four Compass modules, the tuition will be reduced to $495 for each

Also, group discounts are available for 3 or more faculty attending from the same institution. For details, CONTACT US.


There are no prerequisites for this Compass module: you can take only this one, or you can register for two or more in any order--and not even in the same year--and receive a tuition discount. If you enroll in just one Compass module and then decide to enroll in additional sessions, the multi-module discounts above will be applied and the appropriate refund will be provided. All discounts will be applied immediately if paying online, or will be reflected in the invoice we send if you or your institution prefers to pay by check.



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